Toshiba Digital Handsets

Our DP5000 range of attractive and functional digital handsets is designed for the demanding needs of the business user. The handsets provide the user with a choice of 20 or 10 line/feature programmable keys. Two of the digital handsets in the range come with a liquid crystal display or LCD with backlight or non-backlight. The display provides users with intuitive prompts to make accessing, and using, system features easy and simple. Complementing the DP5000 series are the DDM5060 DSS console and KM5020 add on module. Toshiba's DP5000 series provide a wide choice of functionality, and range from a low-cost entry level option through to a sophisticated large display featurephone.

Toshiba Digital Handsets

Key benefits of the DP5000 series:

  • Red/green Busy Lamp Field (BLF) indication shows who is on the phone.
  • Red/green ringing LED for easy distinction of internal and external calls.
  • Context sensitive soft keys provide intelligent feature presentation for applications such as voicemail.
  • 10 different ring tones provide simple identification of the type of call.
  • Direct Dial-In (DDI) numbers can be assigned a specific ring tone.
  • Access to shared mailboxes through multiple message waiting indication.
  • One-touch group pick-up with easy recall of calls placed on hold.
  • On-screen directory dialling reduces the need to search for numbers.
  • Flexible and one-touch keys can be configured for regularly used functions.
  • Contact centre supervisors can monitor calls for quality purposes, without the handset picking up background noise.
  • Integrated headset interface to plug supported headsets directly into the featurephone, without the need for an adapter.

The DP5000 series are equipped with the following as standard:

  • Microphone speaker key.
  • Enhanced mute (mic and handset).
  • Hold key.
  • Conference/transfer key.
  • Message waiting LED.
  • Last number redial.
  • Alphanumeric keys.
  • Volume control keys.
  • Up to 100 personal speed dials.
  • Up to 800 system speed dials.
  • Redial key.
  • Programmable keys.
  • Two colour LED status indicator.
  • Hot dialling.
  • Adjustable button beeps.
  • Room noise senstivity.
  • Optional call waiting.
  • Soft keys (display only).
  • Informative display (display only).
  • 4-9 line x 24 character LCD (display only).

DP5130S-SDL 9 line LCD backlit display with 10 programmable keys.

DP5132S-SD 32 key LCD backlit display with 20 programmable keys.

DP5032S-SD 32 key LCD non-backlit display with 20 programmable keys.

DP5122S-SD 22 key LCD backlit display with 10 programmable keys.

DP5022S-SD 22 key LCD non-backlit display with 10 programmable keys.

DP5018-S 22 key non-display with 10 programmable keys.

DP5008 8 key with 2 programmable keys.

DDM5060 60 key DSS console with 60 programmable keys.

KM5020 20 key add on module with 20 programmable keys.

LM5110 10 key LCD add on module with 10 programmable keys.