Businesses Save Money with Toshiba's New SIP Trunking Feature

Businesses Save Money with Toshiba's New SIP Trunking Feature

Unlike gateway based solutions, Toshiba's MIPU/ GIPU8 card with SIP trunking costs less and allows SIP Trunking to be supported natively in the phone system along with remote IP phones, softphones, WiFi phones, IP based voicemail.

Applied Voip

SIP Trunking allows the CIX to get more robust services than PRI from Applied VoIP's SIPconnect compliant SIP Trunk services. Small businesses that would like for all their employees to have their own telephone numbers (DIDs), but do not need 30 lines, now have a cost-effective and more feature rich solution. With Applied VoIP's SIP Trunking service, they can have as little as six SIP trunks and get DIDs for all their employees. Furthermore, direct IP peering via SIP trunking enables Toshiba resellers / Applied VoIP partners to offer more robust features than PRI.

About Toshiba IP Telephone Systems
from the Premier Business Solutions Provider

Toshiba's IP business telephone systems provide sophisticated communication features for businesses of all sizes. Strata® CIX gives you a choice of mixing and matching technologies, creating a pure IP system or a converged solution, and changing based on the needs of your company.

Toshiba knows that today's enterprises do not always end at the company parking lot, or reside in a single building or office space; most enterprises go wherever opportunity takes them. More and more employees are taking care of business and extending corporate or sales capability from home offices, start-up locations, branch offices-even on-site at customer locales.

Therefore, Toshiba's Strata CIX line of IP systems were engineered to help you unify, coordinate, and streamline your communications-wherever and whichever way you work. Our IP Communication Systems:

  • Provide one integrated system for all your office locations by networking multiple Strata CIX systems to work together
  • Share capabilities enterprise-wide, from centralized attendant services, a single voice mail system, and unified call center operations, to simplified internal extension dialing
  • Save you money by avoiding costly long-distance charges on calls between various locations

Put an end to missed calls and messages

Improve customer contact, and increase both customer satisfaction and employee efficiency, ensuring all calls are automatically answered when you are away or busy.

Toshiba's solutions ensure that your customers can always leave you a concise message when you are not available. Greeted with a personalised message recorded in your own voice, callers can leave a message for you to pick up later. You are then notified that a message has been left for you which you can then retrieve at your convenience and then replay, delete, save, reply to or forward on to someone else on the voicemail system.

  • Toshiba Telephone System comes with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Toshiba Telephone System is fully featured to accommodate Voice Mail System, CTI and ISDN modules and SIP Trunking
  • Whether you are out of the office, on the line, or just unavailable to answer your phone, the Toshiba can help ensure reliable, effective communication for your business.

The Toshiba Strata CIX
IP Communication Systems Family:

  • CIX40 Supports 4-11 trunks or 8-40 telephones depending upon configuration
  • CIX100 Supports up to 64 trunks or 72 telephones and combinations up to 112 total
  • CIX200 Supports up to 96 trunks or 160 telephones and combinations up to 192 total
  • CIX670 Supports up to 264 trunks or 560 telephones and combinations up to 672 total
  • CIX1200 Supports up to 440 trunks or 1000 telephones and combinations up to 1152 total